Paper $37.50 ISBN: 9780226028408 Published January 1980
E-book $7.00 to $30.00 About E-books ISBN: 9780226308128 Published

The Mind of the Middle Ages

An Historical Survey

Frederick B. Artz

The Mind of the Middle Ages
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Frederick B. Artz

3d edition, revised
600 pages | © 1953, 1954, 1980
Paper $37.50 ISBN: 9780226028408 Published January 1980
E-book $7.00 to $30.00 About E-books ISBN: 9780226308128 Published
"This is the third edition of a near standard survey of the intellectual life of the age of faith. Artz on the arts, as on philosophy, politics and other aspects of culture, makes lively and informative reading."—The Washington Post
Part One: The Dominance of the East
Chapter I. The Classical Backgrounds of Mediaeval Christianity
1. Traditional Religion in the Graeco-Roman World
2. The Impact of Philosophy
3. The Mystery Religions
Chapter II. The Jewish and Early Christian Sources of Mediaeval Faith
1. Judaism and the Old Testament
2. The Diaspora and Philo the Jew
3. The New Testament and the Beginnings of Christianity
Chapter III. The Patristic Age, 2nd-5th Centuries
1. The Greek Fathers of the Church
2. The Latin Fathers of the Church
3. The Beginnings of Christian Poetry, Art, and Music
Chapter IV. Byzantine Civilization
1. The Nature of Byzantine Civilization
2. The Church and Learning
3. Literature, Art, and Music
4. The Influence of Byzantium
Chapter V. Islamic Civilization
1. The Nature of Islam
2. Education, Law, Philsophy, and Science
3. Literature, Art, and Music
4. Islam and the West
Chapter VI. The Latin West, 5th-10th Centuries
1. The Survival of the Classics in the West
2. The Transmitters of Classical and Patristic Learning
3. Poetry and History
4. Art and Music
Part Two: The Revival of the West, 1000-1500
Chapter VII. Learning (I)
1. The Impetus to a New Life
2. Science and Technology
3. Philosophy from Anselm to Ficino
Chapter VIII. Learning (II)
1. Backgrounds of Mediaeval Political and Social Thought
2. Main Currents of Political and Social Thought 1000-1500
3. Mediaeval Schools
4. The Rise of Universities
Chapter IX. Literature (I)
1. The Epic Tradition
2. Lyric Poetry
3. Chivalric Romance
Chapter X. Literature (II)
1. The Drama
2. Fabliaux and Novelle
3. History, Biography, and Sermons
4. Symbolic Literature
Chapter XI. Art and Music
1. Romanesque Art
2. Gothic Art
3. Innovation in Italy
4. Music
Chapter XII. Underlying Attitudes
1. The Way of the Mystics
2. The Interests of the Humanists
1. The Middle Ages, Century by Century
2. The Transition from Mediaeval to Modern Times
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