Learning to Listen

A Handbook for Music

Grosvenor Cooper

Learning to Listen
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Grosvenor Cooper

202 pages | © 1957
Paper $26.00 ISBN: 9780226115191 Published February 1962
This clearly written guide to good listening habits is an excellent introduction to the essential musical knowledge one needs to understand the great musical masterpieces of past and present. Complete with examples and illustrations, this handbook introduces its reader to technicalities such as notation, terminology, and metrics, and will enable him to follow a score, identify instruments, pick out themes, and recognize common musical terms.
To the Listening Reader
Musical Process
1. Rudiments
2. Movement
3. Harmony
4. Form
5. Color
6. Style
Constructive Elements
7. Common Procedures and Types
8. Scales
Musical Supplement
Music Supplement
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