Japanese Civilization

A Comparative View

S. N. Eisenstadt

Japanese Civilization
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S. N. Eisenstadt

596 pages | 6 x 9 | © 1996
Paper $29.00 ISBN: 9780226195582 Published April 1998
S. N. Eisenstadt, one of the world's leading social theorists, provides a monumental synthesis of Japanese history, religion, culture, and social organization. Equipped with a thorough command of the literature, Eisenstadt explores the Japanese historical legacy and its impact on the Japanese experience of modernity. Eschewing the polemicism of structuralist or culturalist approaches, he expands his investigative framework to include a keenly systematic, broadly comparative analysis. What emerges is an innovative new construction, focusing on the nonideological character of Japanese civilization as well as its infinite capacity to recreate community through an ongoing past.

1: Introduction: The Enigma of Japan
2: The Meiji State and Modern Japanese Society
3: Modern and Contemporary Japan: Institutional Formations
4: Tribulations of Modern Japanese Society
5: "Disharmony," Conflict, and Protest and Their Impact: Regulation, Control, and Responsiveness
6: The Political and Social System of Modern and Contemporary Japan: A Dynamic, Controlled, but Not Totalitarian Society
7: Feudalism in Japan
8: Urban Development and Autonomy in Medieval and Early Modern Japan
9: Tokugawa State and Society
10: Some Aspects of the Transportation of Confucianism and Buddhism in Japan
11: The Meiji Ishin: The Revolutionary Restoration
12: Japanese Historical Experience: Distinctive Characteristics of Japanese Social Formations
13: Japanese Culture or Cultural Tradition
14: Culture, Social Structure, and Process in the Formation and Reproduction of Japanese Institutional Dynamics
15: A Brief Excursus on Patterns of Cultural Creativity in Japan
16: Japanese Historical Experience in a Comparative Framework
17: Japanese Modernity: Japan in the Contemporary World
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