Cloth $87.00 ISBN: 9780226032849 Published August 1997
Paper $34.00 ISBN: 9780226032863 Published September 1997

Jamaica Genesis

Religion and the Politics of Moral Orders

Diane J. Austin-Broos

Jamaica Genesis
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Diane J. Austin-Broos

328 pages | 11 halftones, 4 maps, 2 tables | 6 x 9 | © 1997
Cloth $87.00 ISBN: 9780226032849 Published August 1997
Paper $34.00 ISBN: 9780226032863 Published September 1997
How has Pentecostalism, a decidedly American form of Christian revivalism, managed to achieve such phenomenal religious ascendancy in a former British colony among people of predominately African descent? According to Diane J. Austin-Broos, Pentecostalism has flourished because it successfully mediates between two historically central yet often oppositional themes in Jamaican religious life—the characteristically African striving for personal freedom and happiness, and the Protestant struggle for atonement and salvation through rigorous ethical piety. With its emphasis on the individual experience of grace and on the ritual efficacy of spiritual healing, and with its vibrantly expressive worship, Jamaican Pentecostalism has become a powerful and compelling vehicle for the negotiation of such fundamental issues as gender, sexuality, race, and class. Jamaica Genesis is a work of signal importance to all those concerned not simply with Caribbean studies but with the ongoing transformation of religion andculture.
List of Illustrations
Raymond T. Smith
1: Cast into a Tumultuous World
2: A Certain Moral Inheritance
3: Revival and the Healing of Sin
4: Hierarchy and Revival Culture: Precursors to Pentecostalism
5: Preachers and Pentecostalism
6: A Modern Pentecostalism: Ritual Resolutions and Gender Divides
7: Pentecostal Experience and Embodied Rite
8: Exhorting the Saints
9: Hierarchy, Healing, and the Birth of Brides
App. I: Table 1. Population by Religious Affiliation, by Sex, All Jamaica
App: Table 2. Adherents for Selected Faiths
App. II: The Pauline Injunctions to Feminine Submission
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