Just Words, Second Edition

Law, Language, and Power

John M. Conley and William M. O'Barr

Just Words, Second Edition
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John M. Conley and William M. O'Barr

184 pages | 1 line drawing | 6 x 9 | © 1997, 2005
Paper $23.00 ISBN: 9780226114880 Published June 2005
Is it "just words" when a lawyer cross-examines a rape victim in the hopes of getting her to admit an interest in her attacker? Is it "just words" when the Supreme Court hands down a decision or when business people draw up a contract? In tackling the question of how an abstract entity exerts concrete power, Just Words focuses on what has become the central issue in law and language research: what language reveals about the nature of legal power.

Conley and O'Barr show how the microdynamics of the legal process and the largest questions of justice can be fruitfully explored through the field of linguistics. Each chapter covers a language-based approach to a different area of the law, from the cross-examinations of victims and witnesses to the inequities of divorce mediation. Combining analysis of common legal events with a broad range of scholarship on language and law, Just Words seeks the reality of power in the everyday practice and application of the law. As the only study of its type, the book is the definitive treatment of the topic that will be welcomed by students and specialists alike.
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1: The Politics of Law and the Science of Talk
2: The Revictimization of Rape Victims
3: The Language of Mediation
4: Speaking of Patriarchy
5: A Natural History of Disputing
6: The Discourses of Law In Cross-Cultural Perspective
7: The Discourses of Law in Historical Perspective
8: Conclusion
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