Interpreting Maimonides

Studies in Methodology, Metaphysics, and Moral Philosophy

Marvin Fox

Interpreting Maimonides
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Marvin Fox

370 pages | 6 x 9 | © 1990
Paper $32.00 ISBN: 9780226259420 Published March 1995
In this comprehensive study, Marvin Fox offers an approach to Moses Maimonides that illuminates the intersections of his philosophical, religious, and Jewish visions—ideas that have embattled readers of Maimonides since the twelfth century.

Jewish Book Council: National Jewish Book Award

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Pt. I: On Reading Maimonides
1: The Many-Sided Maimonides
2: The Range and Limits of Reason
3: The Esoteric Method
4: Maimonides' Method of Contradictions: A New View
Pt. II: Aspects of Maimonides' Ethical Theory
5: The Doctrine of the Mean in Aristotle and Maimonides: A Comparative Study
6: Maimonides and Aquinas on Natural Law
7: The Nature of Man and the Foundations of Ethics: A Reading of Guide, I,1-2
8: Maimonides' Views on the Relations of Law and Morality
Pt. III: Some Problems of Metaphysics and Religion in the Thought of Maimonides
9: Maimonides' Account of Divine Causality
10: Creation or Eternity: God in Relation to the World
11: Prayer and the Religious Life
12: Epilogue: The Significance of Maimonides for Contemporary Judaism
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