International Trade in East Asia

Edited by Takatoshi Ito and Andrew K. Rose

International Trade in East Asia
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Edited by Takatoshi Ito and Andrew K. Rose

392 pages | 51 line drawings, 104 tables | 6 x 9 | © 2005
Cloth $108.00 ISBN: 9780226378961 Published September 2005
E-book $7.00 to $108.00 About E-books ISBN: 9780226379005 Published November 2007
The practice of trading across international borders has undergone a series of changes with great consequences for the world trading community, the result of new trade agreements, a number of financial crises, the emergence of the World Trade Organization, and countless other less obvious developments. In International Trade in East Asia, a group of esteemed contributors provides a summary of empirical factors of international trade specifically as they pertain to East Asian countries such as China, Japan, Korea, and Taiwan.

Comprised of twelve fascinating studies, International Trade in East Asia highlights many of the trading practices between countries within the region as well as outside of it. The contributors bring into focus some of the region's endemic and external barriers to international trade and discuss strategies for improving productivity and fostering trade relationships. Studies on some of the factors that drive exports, the influence of research and development, the effects of foreign investment, and the ramifications of different types of protectionism will particularly resonate with the financial and economic communities who are trying to keep pace with this dramatically altered landscape.
Takatoshi Ito and Andrew K. Rose

1. Physical and Human Capital Deepening and New Trade Patterns in Japan
Keiko Ito and Kyoji Fukao
Comment: Chin Hee Hahn
Comment: Ji Chou
2. Exporting and Performance of Plants: Evidence from Korean Manufacturing
Chin Hee Hahn
Comment: Kyoji Fukao
Comment: James Harrigan
3. International R&D Deployment and Locational Advantage: A Case Study of Taiwan
Meng-chun Liu and Shin-Horng Chen
Comment: Thomas J. Prusa
4. The Effects of Overseas Investment on Domestic Employment
Tain-Jy Chen and Ying-Hua Ku
Comment: Keiko Ito
Comment: Francis T. Lui

5. The Trade and Investment Effects of Preferential Trading Arrangements
Philippa Dee and Jyothi Gali
Comment: Bih Jane Liu
Comment: Erlinda Medalla
6. The Formation of International Production and Distribution Networks in East Asia
Mitsuyo Ando and Fukunari Kimura
Comment: Meng-chun Liu
Comment: Somkiat Tangkitvanich

7. The Impacts of an East Asia Free Trade Agreement on Foreign Trade in East Asia
Shujiro Urata and Kozo Kiyota
Comment: Dukgeun Ahn
Comment: Erlinda Medalla

8. The Effects of Financial Crises on International Trade
Zihui Ma and Leonard K. Cheng
Comment: Chin Hee Hahn
Comment: Kozo Kiyota

9. WTO Dispute Settlements in East Asia
Dukgeun Ahn
Comment: Da-Nien Liu
Comment: John Whalley

10. The Growing Problem of Antidumping Protection
Thomas J. Prusa
Comment: Takatoshi Ito
Comment: Chong-Hyun Nam

11. Tight Clothing: How the MFA Affects Asian Apparel Exports
Carolyn L. Evans and James Harrigan
Comment: Leonard K. Cheng
Comment: Philippa Dee

12. Border Delays and Trade Liberalization
Edgar Cudmore and John Whalley
Comment: Francis T. Lui
Comment: Chong-Hyun Nam
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