Health Psychology

A Discipline and a Profession

Edited by George C. Stone

Health Psychology
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Edited by George C. Stone

555 pages | © 1987
Cloth $62.50 ISBN: 9780226775579 Published May 1987
In 1976, a small group of psychologists urged that more research be done on aspects of health and health care outside the domain of mental health. Today, health psychology is one of the fastest growing divisions of the American Psychological Association; journals and textbooks in increasing numbers are another signal of rapid growth in this field.
Part One - The Emergence of the Field
Stephen M. Weiss, editor
1. Education for a Lifetime of Learning
Neal E. Miller
2. Historical Highlights in the Emergence of the Field
Judith Rodin and George C. Stone
3. The Scope of Health Psychology
George C. Stone
4. Relationships of Health Psychology to Other Segments of Psychology
Joseph D. Matarazzo
5. Health Psychology and Other Health Professions
Stephen M. Weiss
Part Two - The Knowledge Base
Neal E. Miller, editor
6. Basic Laboratory Research in Health Psychology
Neil Schneiderman
7. Basic Field Research in Health Psychology
Nancy E. Adler, Shelley E. Taylor, and Camille B. Wortman
8. Training for Applied Research in Health Psychology
Jerome E. Singer
Part Three - Applications of Health Psychology
Michael J. Follick, editor
9. Health Care Services
Steven R. Tulkin
10. Health Psychology at the Worksite
Michael J. Follick, David B. Abrams, Rodger P. Pinto, and Joanne L. Fowler
11. Community Interventions and Health Psychology: An Ecologically Oriented Perspective
Edison J. Trickett
12. Health Psychology and Public Health
Ruth R. Faden
13. Health Psychology and Health Policy
Patrick H. DeLeon and Gary R. VandenBos
Part Four - Professional Issues in Health Psychology
Cynthia D. Belar, editor
14. Credentials for Health Psychologists
Nelson F. Jones
15. Ethical Concerns in Health Psychology
Charles Swencionis and Judy E. Hall
16. An Overview of Health Psychology and the Law
Robinsue Frohboese and Thomas D. Overcast
17. Employment Options for Health Psychologists
David G. Altman and Jerry Cahn
Part Five - Health Psychology and Segments of the Population
Judith Rodin, editor
18. Women's Health Issues: An Emerging Priority for Health Psychology
Mary A. Jansen
19. Race, Ethnicity, and Health Psychology: The Example of Essential Hypertension
Norman B. Anderson and James S. Jackson
20. Child Health Psychology
Ronald B. Kurz
21. Older Persons and Health Psychology
Margaret Gatz, Cynthia Pearson, and Wendy Weicker
Part Six - Challenges and Opportunities in Training Health Psychologists
Joseph D. Matarazzo, editor
22. The Current Status of Predoctoral and Postdoctoral Training in Health Psychology
Cynthia D. Belar
23. Predoctoral Education and Training in Health Psychology
Thomas J. Boll
24. Apprenticeships in Health Psychology
Bonnie R. Strickland
25. Postdoctoral Training for Research
Howard S. Friedman
26. Postdoctoral Education and Training of Service Providers in Health Psychology
Joseph D. Matarazzo
27. Postdoctoral Training in Health Policy
Lee Sechrest
28. Respecialization and Continuing Education for Health Psychology
Wilbur E. Fordyce and Manfred J. Meier
29. Accreditation of Training Programs
Paul D. Nelson
30. Curricula of Graduate Training Programs in Health Psychology
Joseph Istvan and Daniel C. Hatton
Part Seven - Sites for Training Health Psychologists
Jerome H. Singer, editor
31. Health Psychology Training at University Departments
Judith Rodin and Johanna Freedman
32. Training Health Psychologists in the Academic Medical Center
Gilbert Levin and Charles Swencionis
33. Schools of the Allied Health Professions
Nathan Perry
34. Training Health Psychologists in Schools of Public Health
Karen A. Matthews and Judith M. Siegel
35. Educating Health Psychologists: Lessons to Be Learned at School
Jean R. Eagleston and Carl E. Thoresen
36. Schools of Professional Psychology as Sites for Training Health Psychologists
Nelson F. Jones
37. Health Psychology in the Twenty-first Century
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