The Ecological Web

More on the Distribution and Abundance of Animals

H. G. Andrewartha and L. C. Birch

The Ecological Web
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H. G. Andrewartha and L. C. Birch

520 pages | 12 halftones | © 1984
Paper $46.00 ISBN: 9780226020341 Published July 1986
"The authors of The Distribution and Abundance of Animals have now written The Ecological Web, an extended and careful synthesis of theory and field research, which provides an illuminating analysis of how environment influences the distribution and abundance of animals. The work also provides the first comprehensive account, illustrated by numerous case histories, of P. J. den Boer's theory of 'spreading the risk.' . . . Andrewartha and Birch, by shifting the emphasis away from abstract theory and back to consideration of animals in their complex natural environments, have provided a useful guide for ecologically sound conservation and management."—Animal Behaviour

"The Ecological Web presents an entirely fresh look at ecology from the autecological perspective, and is a worthy successor to the authors' classic work, The Distribution and Abundance of Animals. The work is original—indeed unique—and the detailed coverage of case histories is unprecedented. The point of view will be controversial, but every ecologist will be impressed with the competence and completeness with which the arguments are mustered. A 'must' for every ecologist and environmental scientist."—Paul R. Ehrlich

"This book is the naturalist's vision of population ecology. The authors do not intend a formal description of the environment, but are seeking a way of functional analysis, a workable framework of theory within which to ask questions that will help us understand the distribution and abundance of animals in natural populations. The Ecological Web should be studied carefully by every population ecologist and should take a prominent place in the teaching of ecology. It marks a very significant period in our science as we change from one paradigm to another."—P. J. den Boer

Part 1 - The Theory of Environment
1. The Theory of Environment
2. The Web: Envirograms
3. Resources
4. Mates
5. Predators
6. Malentities
7. Sharing Resources
Part 2 - General Theory of Population Ecology
8. The Meaning of "Population"
9. Theory of the Distribution and Abundance of Animals
10. Some Controversies in Population Ecology
11. Spreading the Risk in Evolution
Part 3 - Population Ecology as it is Practiced
12. The Ecology of the European Rabbit (Oryctolagus cuniculus) in Southeastern Australia
13. Three Contrasting Case Histories
14. The Ecologies of Three Insects
15. The Ecology of Man
Appendix: The Formal Definition of the Environment of an Animal
B. S. Niven
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