Emotion and Meaning in Music

Leonard B. Meyer

Emotion and Meaning in Music
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Leonard B. Meyer

315 pages | 104 musical examples | 6 x 9 | © 1956
Paper $22.50 ISBN: 9780226521398 Published February 1961
E-book $7.00 to $22.50 About E-books ISBN: 9780226521374 Published June 2008
"Altogether it is a book that should be required reading for any student of music, be he composer, performer, or theorist. It clears the air of many confused notions . . . and lays the groundwork for exhaustive study of the basic problem of music theory and aesthetics, the relationship between pattern and meaning."—David Kraehenbuehl, Journal of Music Theory
"This is the best study of its kind to have come to the attention of this reviewer."—Jules Wolffers, The Christian Science Monitor

"It is not too much to say that his approach provides a basis for the meaningful discussion of emotion and meaning in all art."—David P. McAllester, American Anthropologist

"A book which should be read by all who want deeper insights into music listening, performing, and composing."—Marcus G. Raskin, Chicago Review

I. Theory
II. Expectation and Learning
III. Principles of Pattern Perception: The Law of Good Continuation
IV. Principles of Pattern Perception: Completion and Closure
V. Principles of Pattern Perception: The Weakening of Shape
VI. The Evidence: Deviation in Performance and Tonal Organization
VII. The Evidence: Simultaneous and Successive Deviation
VIII. Note on Image Processes, Connotations, and Moods
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