The Effects of U.S. Trade Protection and Promotion Policies

Edited by Robert C. Feenstra

The Effects of U.S. Trade Protection and Promotion Policies
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Edited by Robert C. Feenstra

366 pages | 46 line drawings, 60 tables | 6 x 9 | © 1997
Cloth $94.00 ISBN: 9780226239514 Published May 1997
E-book $7.00 to $94.00 About E-books ISBN: 9780226239538 Published April 2008
Economists disagree on whether recent U.S. trade policies are harmful or helpful, but they all agree that there is a new trend toward focusing on results-oriented policies in specific markets and with particular trading partners. These twelve essays by leading international economists explore crucial issues in U.S. trade policy today. Topics examined include the markets for automobile and automobile parts in the United States and Japan, the U.S. response to "unfair" trading practices such as dumping, and the effects of industry- and country-specific policies. Examples include high-technology and agricultural industries and off-shore assembly in U.S. border cities.

The volume concludes that some policies can act to both protect imports and promote exports, that the threat of protectionist policies can often have effects that are as pronounced as their implementation, and that regulatory policy has as great an impact on trade and investment patterns as does trade policy itself. It will be of crucial interest to international trade economists, policy specialists, and political scientists.
Robert C. Feenstra
1: Carwars: Trying to Make Sense of U.S.-Japan Trade Frictions in the Automobile and Automobile Parts Markets
James Levinsohn
2: Explaining Domestic Content: Evidence from Japanese and U.S. Automobile Production in the United States
Deborah L. Swenson
3: Protectionist Threats and Foreign Direct Investment
Bruce A. Blonigen, Robert C. Feenstra.
4: Foreign Direct Investment and Keiretsu: Rethinking U.S. and Japanese Policy
David E. Weinstein
5: U.S.-Japan Telecommunications Trade Conflicts: The Role of Regulation
Andrew R. Dick
6: Testing Models of the Trade Policy Process: Antidumping and the "New Issues"
Robert E. Cumby, Theodore H. Moran.
7: The Trade Effects of U.S. Antidumping Actions
Thomas J. Prusa
8: Determinants and Effectiveness of "Aggressively Unilateral" U.S. Trade Actions
Kimberly Ann Elliott, J. David Richardson.
9: Whither Flat Panel Displays?
Kala Krishna, Marie Thursby.
10: Causes and Consequences of the Export Enhancement Program for Wheat
Pinelopi Koujianou Goldberg, Michael M. Knetter.
11: The Effects of Offshore Assembly on Industry Location: Evidence from U.S. Border Cities
Gordon H. Hanson
12: Market-Access Effects of Trade Liberalization: Evidence from the Canada-U.S. Free Trade Agreement
Keith Head, John Ries.
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