Essays in Positive Economics

Milton Friedman

Essays in Positive Economics
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Milton Friedman

334 pages | © 1953
Paper $32.00 ISBN: 9780226264035 Published August 1966
"Stimulating, provocative, often infuriating, but well worth reading."—Peter Newman, Economica

"His critical blast blows like a north wind against the more pretentious erections of modern economics. It is however a healthy and invigorating blast, without malice and with a sincere regard for scientific objectivity."—K.E. Boulding, Political Science Quarterly

"Certainly one of the most engrossing volumes that has appeared recently in economic theory."—William J. Baumol, Review of Economics and Statistics
Part I. Introduction
The Methodology of Positive Economics
Part II. Price Theory
The Marshallian Demand Curve
The "Welfare" Effects of an Income Tax and an Excise Tax
Part III. Monetary Theory and Policy
The Effects of a Full-Employment Policy on Economic Stability: A Formal Analysis
A Monetary and Fiscal Framework for Economic Stability
The Case for Flexible Exchange Rates
Commodity-Reserve Currency
Discussion of the Inflationary Gap
Comments on Monetary Policy
Part IV. Comments on Method
Lange on Price Flexibility and Employment: A Methodological Criticism
Lerner on the Economic of Control
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