Economic Aspects of Health

Edited by Victor R. Fuchs

Economic Aspects of Health
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Edited by Victor R. Fuchs

344 pages | © 1982
Cloth $75.00 ISBN: 9780226267852 Published April 1982
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Unlike earlier work in medical economics, which has focused on medical care, these ten papers stress the production and consequences of health itself. They reveal a serious concern with real-world health problems in their investigation of such subjects as infant mortality, life expectancy, morbidity, and disability. These papers are unusual, as well, in bringing to bear on these problems new and powerful theoretical and statistical tools. They draw on, and in some cases are, original sources for new bodies of data. As such, Economic Aspects of Health comprises a useful blend of relevance and rigor.
Introduction by Victor R. Fuchs
Part One - Determinants of Health
1. Prenatal Medical Care and Infant Mortality
Jeffrey E. Harris, M.D.
2. The Behavior of Mothers as Inputs to Child Health: The Determinants of Birth Weight, Gestation, and Rate of Fetal Growth
Mark R. Rosenzweig and T. Paul Schultz
3. Time Preference and Health: An Exploratory Study
Victor R. Fuchs
4. Healthiness, Education, and Marital Status
Paul Taubman and Sherwin Rosen
Part Two - Consequences of Ill Health
5. The Status of Health in Demand Estimation; or, Beyond Excellent, Good, Fair, Poor
Willard G. Manning, Jr., Joseph P. Newhouse, and John E. Ware, Jr.
6. Physical Disabilities and Post-secondary Educational Choices
Robert A. Shakotko and Michael Grossman
7. Employment, Earnings, and Psychiatric Diagnosis
Lee and Alexandra Benham
8. Children's Health Problems: Implications for Parental Labor Supply and Earnings
David S. Salkever
Part Three - Health and Public Policy
9. The Choice of Health Policies with Heterogeneous Populations
Donald S. Shapart and Richard J. Zeckhauser
10. Medical Care, Medical Insurance, and Survival Probability: The True Cost of Living
Theodore C. Bergstrom
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