Encounters and Dialogues with Martin Heidegger, 1929-1976

Heinrich Wiegand Petzet

Encounters and Dialogues with Martin Heidegger, 1929-1976
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Heinrich Wiegand Petzet

Translated by Parvis Emad and Kenneth Maly
284 pages | 35 halftones | 6 x 9 | © 1993
Cloth $62.00 ISBN: 9780226664415 Published June 1993
Despite his predominance in twentieth-century philosophy, no intellectual biography of Martin Heidegger has yet appeared. This account of Heidegger's personal relations, originally published in German and extensively corrected by the author for this translation, enlarges our understanding of a complex figure.

A well-known art historian and an intimate friend of Heidegger's, Heinrich Wiegand Petzet provides a rich portrait of Heidegger that is part memoir, part biography, and part cultural history. By recounting chronologically a series of encounters between the two friends from their meeting in 1929 until the philosopher's death in 1976, as well as between Heidegger and other contemporaries, Petzet reveals not only new aspects of Heidegger's thought and attitudes toward the historical and intellectual events of his time but also the greater cultural and social context in which he articulated his thought.
Translators' Note
Introduction: Elements of an Intellectual Portrait in H. W. Petzet's
Memoirs, by Parvis Emad
On the Way with Martin Heidegger
1. The First Encounter
The Metaphysics Lecture of 1929
The Visit to Bremen
"Who Is This Heidegger, Anyway?"
2. In the Third Reich
Chancellor of the University of Freiburg, 1933
Contact Renewed
During the War
3. Heidegger's Work and Its Impact after 1945
In the Public Eye?
The Club of Bremen
The Munich Academy
4. Dialogues
Notes from the Fifties
Reflections on the Spiegel Interview of 1966
5. The Encounters
Egon Vietta
Erhart Kästner
Ludwig von Ficker
Clara Rilke
Hertha Koenig
Andrei Voznesensky
The Clergyman from St. Alban: Paul Hassler
Jean Beaufret
6. Heidegger's Association with Art
Art and Artists
"The Green Painter": Paula Becker-Modersohn
Heinrich Vogeler
Van Gogh and Cézanne
Picasso and Braque
Paul Klee
The "Posthistorical Picture": A Digression
Sculpture: Wimmer and Chillida
7. Greece and Buddha
In a Greek Light
The Monk from Bangkok
8. The Autumn Years
Living in Freiburg
Hikes around Todtnauberg
A Hebel Day
The Brothers from Messkirch
Isolation and Solitude
9. Farewell
Between Seventy and Eighty
The Deaths of Kästner and Burckhardt
The Final Path
A Legacy
Biographical Notes
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