Deconstruction and Philosophy

The Texts of Jacques Derrida

Edited by John Sallis

Deconstruction and Philosophy
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Edited by John Sallis

224 pages | © 1987
Paper $30.00 ISBN: 9780226734392 Published January 1989
This volume represents the first sustained effort to relate Derrida's work to the Western philosophical tradition from Plato to Heidegger. Bringing together twelve essays by twelve leading Derridean philosophers and an important paper by Derrida previously unpublished in English, the collection retrieves the significance of deconstruction for philosophy.
Note on Translations
1. Deconstruction and the Inscription of Philosophy
1. Infrastructures and Systematicity
Rodolphe Gasché
2. Philosophy Has Its Reasons . . .
Hugh J. Silverman
3. Destinerrance: The Apotropocalyptics of Translation
John P. Leavey, Jr.
2. Deconstruction and the History of Metaphysics
4. In Stalling Metaphysics: At the Threshold
Ruben Berezdivin
5. Doubling the Space of Existence: Exemplarity in Derrida—the Case of Rousseau
Irene E. Harvey
6. Regulations: Kant and Derrida at the End of Metaphysics
Stephen Watson
7. A Point of Almost Absolute Proximity to Hegel
John Llewelyn
3. Deconstruction and Phenomenology
8. The Economy of Signs in Husserl and Derrida: From Uselessness to Full Employment
John D. Caputo
9. The Perfect Future: A Note on Heidegger and Derrida
David Farrell Krell
10. Deconstruction and the Possibility of Ethics
Robert Bernasconi
4. Deconstruction—in Withdrawal?
11. Following Derrida
David Wood
12. Geschlecht II: Heidegger's Hand
Jacques Derrida
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