The Design of Agreement

Evidence from Chamorro

Sandra Chung

The Design of Agreement
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Sandra Chung

431 pages | 554 tree diagrams | 6 x 9 | © 1998
Paper $40.00 ISBN: 9780226106090 Published June 2000
Sandra Chung proposes that linguistic theory must recognize not one but two agreement relations—a featural relation that lies behind agreement's impact on the form of words and a configurational relation that lies behind agreement's impact on syntactic structure. She identifies the two relations and argues that neither can be reduced to the other. Chung offers the most comprehensive analysis of the syntax of Chamorro that has appeared to date and relates her proposals to what is known about analogous constructions in English, Italian, Irish, Japanese, Maori, and other languages.
1: Introduction
2: The Surface Design of Chamorro
3: Configurationality
4: On Deriving VSO
5: A Syntactic Agreement Relation
6: The Morphology of Extraction
7: Topic and Focus
8: Syntactic Agreement and Locality
9: Adjunct Extraction
10: On the Design of Agreement
App. A: Orthography
App. B: Morpheme-by-Morpheme Glosses
App. C. Sources
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