Cloth $101.00 ISBN: 9780226476940 Published September 1998

Cartographic Encounters

Perspectives on Native American Mapmaking and Map Use

Edited by G. Malcolm Lewis

Cartographic Encounters

Edited by G. Malcolm Lewis

338 pages | 51 figures | 8-1/2 x 9-1/4 | © 1998
Cloth $101.00 ISBN: 9780226476940 Published September 1998
Ever since a Native American prepared a paper "charte" of the lower Colorado River for the Spaniard Hernando de Alarcón in 1540, Native Americans have been making maps in the course of encounters with whites. This book charts the history of these cartographic encounters, examining native maps and mapmaking from the pre- and post-contact periods.

G. Malcolm Lewis provides accessible and detailed overviews of the history of native North American maps, mapmaking, and scholarly interest in these topics. Other contributions include a study of colonial Aztec cartography that highlights the connections among maps, space, and history; an account of the importance of native maps as archaeological evidence; and an interpretation of an early-contact-period hide painting of an actual encounter involving whites and two groups of warring natives.

Although few original native maps have survived, contemporary copies and accounts of mapmaking form a rich resource for anyone interested in the history of Native American encounters or the history of cartography and geography.
List of Illustrations
Series Editor's Note by James Akerman
Editor's Preface by G. Malcolm Lewis
Introduction by G. Malcolm Lewis
Ch. 1: Frontier Encounters in the Field: 1511-1925
G. Malcolm Lewis
Ch. 2: Encounters in Government Bureaus, Archives, Museums, and Libraries, 1782-1911
G. Malcolm Lewis
Ch. 3: Hiatus Leading to a Renewed Encounter
G. Malcolm Lewis
Ch. 4: Recent and Current Encounters
G. Malcolm Lewis
Ch. 5: Maps of Territory, History, and Community in Aztec Mexico
Elizabeth Hill Boone
Ch. 6: Inland Journeys, Native Maps
Barbara Belyea
Ch. 7: Native Mapping in Southern New England Indian Deeds
Margaret Wickens Pearce
Ch. 8: Eighteenth-Century Arkansas Illustrated: A Map within an Indian Painting?
Morris S. Arnold
Ch. 9: Indian Maps of the Colonial Southeast: Archaeological Implications and Prospects
Gregory A. Waselkov
Ch. 10: Debriefing Explorers Amerindian Information in the Delisles' Mapping of the Southeast
Patricia Galloway
Ch. 11: Orientations from Their Side: Dimensions of Native American Cartographic Discourse
Peter Nabokov
Ch. 12: Future Encounters in New Contexts
G. Malcolm Lewis
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