Autobiography, Volume 1

1907-1937, Journey East, Journey West

Mircea Eliade

Autobiography, Volume 1
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Mircea Eliade

Translated by Mac Linscott Ricketts
347 pages | frontispiece | © 1981
E-book $7.00 to $25.00 About E-books ISBN: 9780226149486 Published November 2013
"Here finally are Eliade's memoirs of the first thirty years of his life in Mac Linscott Rickett's crisp and lucid English translation. They present a fascinating account of the early development of a Renaissance talent, expressed in everything from daily and periodical journalism, realistic and fantastic fiction, and general nonfiction works to distinguished contributions to the history of religions. Autobiography follows an apparently amazingly candid report of this remarkable man's progression from a mischievous street urchin and literary prodigy, through his various love affairs, a decisive and traumatic Indian sojourn, and active, brilliant participation in pre-World War II Romanian cultural life."—Seymour Cain, Religious Studies Review
Translator's Preface
Part I - The Attic
1. Earliest Recollections
2. The War at Age Nine
3. "How I Found the Philosopher's Stone"
4. The Temptations of the Nearsighted Adolescent
5. Navigare Necesse Est . . .
6. Et Maintenant, à Nous Deux!
7. The Lesson of Søren Kierkegaard
8. A Letter from the Maharaja of Kassimbazar
Part II - India at Age Twenty
9. From Ripon Street to Bhawanipore
10. A Hut in the Himalayas
Part III - The Promise of the Equinox
11. The Return to the Attic
12. "Man without a Destiny . . . "
13. We Must Hurry . . .
14. When a Writer Reaches Thirty
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