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Mark C. Taylor
... A rich exploration of the possibilities of representation after Modernism, Mark
Taylor's new study charts the logic and continuity of Mark Tansey's painting by ...

Edited by Mark C. Taylor
... Edited by Mark C. Taylor. See Mark Taylor's website. ... Mark Taylor evokes this
with great clarity in the course of a remarkable introduction. ...

BOOK Altarity, Taylor November 1987
Mark C. Taylor
... Altarity. Mark C. Taylor. See Mark Taylor's website. Mark C. Taylor. 406 pages |
20 halftones | © 1987. Paper $49.00 ISBN: 9780226791388 Published September 1987 ...

BOOK After God, Taylor October 2007
Mark C. Taylor
... John D. Caputo | Journal of the American Academy of Religion. "If you have never
been able to figure out what Mark Taylor is up to, read After God. ...

BOOK Mystic Bones, Taylor February 2007
Mark C. Taylor
... Review Quotes. Review Quotes. Joanna Scott. “With his bold and rapturous meditation
on bones, Mark Taylor offers more than just startling encounters. ...

BOOK Nots, Taylor August 1993
Mark C. Taylor
... Nots. Mark C. Taylor. See Mark Taylor's website. Mark C. Taylor. 292 pages |
38 halftones | 6 x 9 | © 1993. Religion and Postmodernism. ...

Mark C. Taylor
The book About Religion: Economies of Faith in Virtual Culture, Mark C. Taylor is
published by University of Chicago Press. ... Mark C. Taylor. Mark C. Taylor. ...

Mark C. Taylor
... In remarkable and insightful ways, Mark Taylor traces an entirely new way to view
the evolution of our culture, detailing how information theory and the ...

Mark C. Taylor
... Mark C. Taylor. See Mark Taylor's website. ... Drawing on Hegel, Nietzsche, Derrida,
and others, Mark Taylor extends—and goes well beyond—pioneering efforts. . ...

BOOK Hiding, Taylor January 1998
Mark C. Taylor
... Hiding. Mark C. Taylor. ... Mark C. Taylor. 360 pages | 15 color plates, 122
halftones | 7 x 8-3/4 | © 1997. Religion and Postmodernism. ...


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