Instructions for Authors

Winterthur Portfolio fosters knowledge of the North American past by publishing articles on material culture and the historical contexts within which artifacts developed. The journal presents scholarship that critically engages art history, history, geography, ethnology, archaeology, anthropology, folklife studies, and literature. We invite articles that are analytical and synthetic rather than descriptive, and we encourage interdisciplinary studies that integrate artifacts into a cultural framework.


Authors should submit three hard copies of their double-spaced manuscript for initial evaluation and double-blind peer review. Black-and-white or color printouts of digital images or good-quality photocopies of film images are sufficient for review. Clear, sharp images are essential. Figure captions should be complete and in Winterthur Portfolio style. Request current guidelines from the managing editor.

Manuscript acceptance policy: While it is our policy to require the assignment of copyright on articles, we do not usually request assignment of copyright for other contributions. Although the copyright to such a contribution may remain with the author, it is understood that, in return for publication, the journal has the nonexclusive right to publish the contribution and the continuing right, without limit, to include the contribution as part of any reprinting of the issue or volume of the journal in which the issue or volume may be reproduced by the publisher or by its licensed agencies. It is also understood that, upon submission and acceptance, the author will abide by the journal's editorial style.

Correspondence concerning contributions should be addressed to:

Amy Earls, Managing Editor
Winterthur Portfolio

5105 Kennett Pike (Rt. 52)
Winterthur, DE 19735