Call for Papers

An Invitation from Daniel Frank, Executive Editor

Published biannually, Schools: Studies in Education is a refereed international education journal for pre K-12 educators, administrators, university professors, and others who work with school-aged students.

The unique and defining quality of Schools is its commitment to provide school teachers and others with a reflective space for exploring and understanding the subjective, qualitative dimensions of how each of these school constituencies, as individuals and as groups, experience education in the learning organization we call the school. Contributors write in a variety of genres: scholarly articles based on theory and research, interpretive reflective essays, brief informal meditations and stories, and educationally relevant reviews of books, films, art exhibitions and musical performances.

Schools ensures that each issue contains a blend of voices, including the voices of elementary, middle, and high schools educators; the perspectives of college and university teachers; and even, on some welcome occasions, the work of students. Our advisory board of consulting editors and a rigorous blind peer review process for manuscripts have helped us establish and maintain the highest writing standards.

Deadlines for first submissions are Dec. 1 for the Spring issue and June 1 for the Fall issue. Our review process begins with a determinative review. If the editor determines that the manuscript is not yet appropriate for the journal, he returns it to the author(s) with comments and suggestions for further work. In most cases, this editorial response takes a week or less. If the editor determines that the manuscript is ready for outside review, he secures readers and requests a written response in 3-4 weeks. The editor puts together a manuscript response based on the suggestions and comments of the readers.

Schools seeks richly described interpretive accounts of how teachers, administrators, students, parents, and others experience their social and psychological relationships

  • To each other
  • To the curriculum
  • To the ways teachers and students learn
  • To the systemic and organizational dynamics of school culture, including the complex interactions among groups and between groups and their leaders
  • To the structures that comprise the wider domains of society and the world. 

gives writers and readers a rare space to explore, through stories and their related commentaries, the more dynamic and complex experiences of school life in ways that convey how human relationships, thoughts, and emotions shape their meaning of educational experience in schools.

Administrators: encourage your teachers to collaborate with the Schools editors on a submission!

is a profound professional development opportunity for educators nationwide and beyond that can allow teachers, through their writing and reading, to educate and train each other to become more effective teachers in their classrooms and schools.

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