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Renaissance Quarterly is the leading American journal of Renaissance studies, encouraging connections between different scholarly approaches to bring together material spanning the period from 1300 to 1650 in Western history.

The official journal of the Renaissance Society of America, RQ presents twelve to sixteen articles and over four hundred reviews per year, engaging such disciplines as:

  • Americas
  • Art and Architecture
  • Book History
  • Classical Tradition
  • Comparative Literature
  • Digital Humanities
  • Emblems
  • English Literature
  • French Literature
  • Germanic Literature
  • Hebraica
  • Hispanic Literature
  • History
  • Humanism
  • Islamic World
  • Italian Literature
  • Legal and Political Thought
  • Medicine and Science
  • Music
  • Neo-Latin Literature
  • Performing Arts and Theater
  • Philosophy
  • Religion
  • Rhetoric
  • Women and Gender


Since 1954, RQ has provided an important forum for articles of original and significant research and interpretation, as well as surveys of the field, forums, and colloquia that benefit the ongoing development of Renaissance scholarship. New in 2009, the journal’s online edition may include enhancements such as color images, audio and video files, appendices, and other ancillary material. Submissions from all disciplines and approaches are welcome.

To become a member of the RSA, please visit http://www.rsa.org/ 


Editorial Board


Articles Editor
Nicholas Terpstra

University of Toronto,Victoria College

Reviews Editor

Sarah Covington
Queens College, The City University of New York


Managing Editor

Erika Suffern

The Renaissance Society of America


Production Editor

Colin S. Macdonald

The City University of New York, The Graduate Center



Joseph Bowling

The City University of New York, The Graduate Center


Book Reviews Manager

Maura Kenny

The City University of New York, The Graduate Center



Peter Arnade, California State University, San Marcos
Linda Austern, Northwestern University
Monica Azzolini, The University of Edinburgh
Irena Backus, Université de Genève
Karen-edis Barzman, SUNY, Binghamton University
Laura Bass, Tulane University
Kathleen Comerford, Georgia Southern University
Tom Conley, Harvard University
Tracy Cooper, Temple University
Bernard Cooperman, University of Maryland, College Park
Timothy Kircher, Guilford College
James A. Knapp, Loyola University Chicago
Peter Mack, University of Warwick
Margaret Meserve, University of Notre Dame
Robert Miola, Loyola University Maryland
Lodi Nauta, University of Groningen
Karen Nelson, University of Maryland, College Park
Katrina Olds, University of San Francisco
Ricardo Padrón, University of Virginia
John Paoletti, Wesleyan University
Jan Papy, Katholieke Universiteit Leuven
Andrew Pettegree, University of St Andrews
Anne Marie Rasmussen, Duke University
Diana Robin, University of New Mexico
Dennis Romano, Syracuse University
Walter Stephens, Johns Hopkins University
Kate Van Orden, University of California, Berkeley
Mara Wade, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Jessica Wolfe, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill


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