Editorial Board


Daniel E. Dykhuizen, Stony Brook University


James D. Thomson, University of Toronto
John J. Wiens, University of Arizona
Gregory A. Wray, Duke University

Associate Editors

Anurag Agrawal, Cornell University
Daniel T. Blumstein, University of California, Los Angeles
Mark Dale, University of Northern British Columbia
Liliana M. Davalos, Stony Brook University
Paul W. Ewald, University of Louisville
Brenna M. Henn, Stony Brook University
Kent E. Holsinger, University of Connecticut
Duncan J. Irschick, University of Massachusetts
Karl J. Niklas, Cornell University
Rafael Lucas Rodríguez, University of Wisconsin–Milwaukee 
Lorna Role, Stony Brook University
Kaustuv Roy, University of California, San Diego
Michael Ruse, Florida State University
Andrew Sih, University of California, Davis
Michael J. Wade, Indiana University

Book Review Consultants

H. Re┼čit Akçakaya, Stony Brook University
Sandra L. Baldauf, Uppsala University
Michael A. Bell, Stony Brook University
Barry W. Brook, University of Tasmania
Elof A. Carlson, Stony Brook University
John G. Fleagle, Stony Brook University
Jarrod B. French, Stony Brook University
Apostolos P. Georgopoulos, University of Minnesota
Lev R. Ginzburg, Stony Brook University
Jeremy Kerr, University of Ottawa
Jeffrey S. Levinton, Stony Brook University
Sasha F. Levy, Stony Brook University
Christopher R. Noto, University of Wisconsin, Parkside
Ingrid M. Parker, University of California, Santa Cruz
A. Townsend Peterson, University of Kansas 
Chelsea D. Specht, University of California, Berkeley
John R. True, Stony Brook University
Fernando E. Vega, United States Department of Agriculture
Mary Jane West-Eberhard, Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute

Emeritus Editors

Albert D. Carlson, Stony Brook University
Frank C. Erk, Stony Brook University

Journal Office

Jo Ann H. Fitzgerald, Managing Editor
Diana L. Mancini, Manuscript Editor


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