Instructions for Electronic Manuscript Submission

Editorial Manager Instructions

Authors are encouraged to submit their manuscripts via Editorial Manager at  If you cannot submit your paper using the web interface, please follow the ftp instructions below. Contact if there are any problems with submission.

Online Submission Instructions

Please have the following items readily available before beginning the online submission process:

  • Manuscript in an acceptable format as described above
  • Cover letter (optional) as a separate file
  • Information from title page (to be typed into the peer review database): title, short title, list of authors and affiliations, and contact information for the corresponding author
  • Abstract of the manuscript (to be copied and pasted into a field in Editorial Manager)

Go to the Publications of the Astronomical Society of the Pacific Editorial Manager system at to submit your manuscript.

Automatic Manuscript Processing

If you submit an AASTeX file to Editorial Manager, it will be automatically processed. If a PDF file that accurately represents your article for refereeing can be made automatically, your submission will receive "automatic" processing — that is, it will be checked and transmitted to the journal editorial office within one business day, for assignment to a reviewer.

If you submit a Word or RTF file, or if you submit an AASTeX file that fails the automatic processing, it will receive normal processing — after successfully processed AASTeX files received that day — and may take more than one business day before it is transmitted to the journal editorial office.

Below are the requirements for automatic processing. Please review them carefully.

  • the main article file must be a valid AASTeX 5.0 file named ms.tex
  • the ms.tex should be in "preprint" style
  • the ms.tex file must latex with no errors or warnings about unresolved cross-references
  • all figures must be in Encapsulated PostScript (EPS) format
  • figures should be named f1.eps, f2.eps, etc. and referenced with \plotone or \plottwo commands in the LaTeX "figure" environment.
  • any secondary AASTeX files must be included in the main file with \input commands

FTP Instructions

Please follow these instructions carefully if you are submitting your manuscript and associated files by FTP.

  • ftp to (
  • log in as pasp with the password submit-pasp
  • create a subdirectory, i.e., mkdir <name>,where name should be unique (last_name+first_initial of your name, for example)
  • cd <name>—this is a very important step: all files MUST be uploaded into the subdirectory <name>
  • use the appropriate FTP commands to transfer your files, being sure to transfer all files as ASCII text, unless they are compressed (see below)
  • quit ftp when you are finished

You will NOT be able to retrieve any files from this FTP site, nor can you rename or delete them after uploading.

The transmitted files will be moved to another directory by a daemon that runs every hour on the hour. So please try to submit all your files at the same time, and just after the hour if possible, to give yourself enough time for the transfer before your files are moved and deleted.

Please use these standard file names for all FTP submissions. Be sure to include the README file!

README File containing information pertinent to the efficient processing of your manuscript: the type of submission (new, revised, or final); the name of the corresponding author along with a street address (no PO box number), phone number, FAX number, and e-mail address; a list of the names of the files being submitted; and any other information that may be helpful to the editorial or production offices ms.tex Manuscript file name - please use this exact name (LaTeX file) f1.eps Figure files, for example f2a.eps tab1.tex External table files, for example tab2.tex

Authors are asked to submit all .tex and .eps files without any special formatting (no tar, uuencode, gzip, etc.). For large PostScript files ONLY a Unix compression (compress, gzip) may be used to speed up transmissions (do not forget to transmit compressed files as 'binary').

General Comments

An e-mail message acknowledging the receipt of the submission will be sent to the corresponding author within two working days of the submission. If a message is not received please contact to inquire about the status of your manuscript.

Please communicate to us any problems or concerns that you may have by sending mail to