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As a leading interdisciplinary journal in the field, The Library Quarterly embraces a wide array of original research perspectives, approaches, and quantitative, qualitative, evaluation, analysis, and mixed methods. Through unique and innovative content, LQ publishes cutting-edge articles, essays, editorials, and reviews that

  • Assess the role of libraries of all types in communities and in society;
  • Analyze the multiple uses that diverse groups make of libraries;
  • Provide an understanding of libraries as institutions of culture and education;
  • Examine the interactions between cultural spaces and users of information;
  • Explore the roles of information in human rights discourse;
  • Provide insights into the collection of, access to, and dissemination of information;
  • Investigate the relationship between publication practices and libraries;
  • Examine the impact of information and communications technologies on libraries and their communities;
  • Analyze planning and evaluation of information services, resources, and technologies;
  • Address the impacts of information and telecommunication policy on libraries and their communities;
  • Assess empirically the value that libraries contribute to the communities that they serve;
  • Examine users and information behavior;
  • Explore the intersection of libraries, history, and the humanities;
  • Study the development, education, pedagogy, theory, and practice of the information professions;
  • Promote discussion and dialogue between the scholarly and practitioner communities; and
  • Review relevant publications in all formats to help bring attention to both new scholarly and applied endeavors across the spectrum of related disciplines and fields.