Instructions for Authors


Manuscript Preparation

As of 10 April 2007, authors are encouraged to submit new manuscripts via Editorial Manager at

Statement of Policy

Papers submitted to the Journal of Political Economy must not have been published and must not be under consideration elsewhere. Authors of comments must correspond with original author(s) and include this correspondence with the cover letter at the time of submission. All theoretical and empirical findings in papers submitted to the JPE should be documented clearly and appropriately in proofs, tables, or figures, either in the manuscript or in a supplemental appendix meant to be posted online. This applies both to the principal findings of the paper and to any sensitivity analysis or extensions referenced in the manuscript.

Authors of accepted papers will receive instructions on how to prepare their final version.

It is the policy of the JPE to publish papers only if the data used in the analysis are clearly and precisely documented and are readily available to any researcher for purposes of replication. Authors of accepted papers that contain empirical work, simulations, or experimental work must provide to the JPE, prior to publication, the data, programs, and other details of the computations sufficient to permit replication. These will be posted on the JPE web site. The Editor should be notified at the time of submission if the data used in a paper are proprietary or if, for some other reason, the requirements above cannot be met. Details of this policy can be found by clicking here.

All manuscripts submitted to the journal must be accompanied by a $125 submission fee for nonsubscribers or a $75 submission fee for individual JPE subscribers (non-subscribers, including those receiving access through an institutional account, please click here:; individual subscribers, please click here: The proceeds from the submission fees are used to pay for the review process, and decisions will not be released until the fee has been submitted. Submission fees are non-refundable, even in cases when a manuscript is desk rejected by a JPE editor and not sent for outside review. Please note that credit card charges are collected through the University of Chicago Press business office and will appear as PRESS BOOKS and JOURNALS on your credit card statement.

Preparing Files for Online Submission

Manuscripts must be in English and must begin with a title page that includes the names, e-mail addresses, and affiliations of all authors.

File formats. The preferred format for submitting manuscripts online is Microsoft Word (.doc). If you are unable to submit a Microsoft Word file, Editorial Manager will also accept LaTeX (.tex), WordPerfect (.wpd), Adobe Acrobat (.pdf), and Rich Text Format (.rtf) files.

File content.
Manuscripts are preferred as separate files for text and for figures; Editorial Manager will link together the separate files into one Portable Document Format (.pdf) file for use by reviewers. Alternatively, you may submit a single file with figures, tables, and images included in the main document. You should also submit a cover letter in a second file, either in the same format as your main text file or in plain text format (ASCII file).

Submitting Your Manuscript

Go to to submit your manuscript. The system relies on automated processing to create an Adobe Acrobat (.pdf) file from your submission. Step-by-step instructions will guide you through the process, and you will receive an e-mail confirmation from the system when your submission is complete. If you are submitting LaTeX files please read the LaTeX Submission Guidelines.


If you are unable to use the online submission feature, please contact the journal office at for alternate means of submission.


Authors can have color figures included in the print edition of the journal for a fee of $300 per page. Please contact for more information.


Journal of Political Economy authors have the option to make their accepted paper freely available online immediately upon publication. The fee for Open Access is $2,500. Contact for more information.


UK authors should note that this option cannot be used to comply with RCUK regulations for gold OA, as the University of Chicago Press requires permission for commercial reuse. UCP does comply with the RCUK regulations for green OA.

"Green" Open Access

The University of Chicago Press supports Green Open Access for all articles, as defined by the RCUK Open Access Policy, under the Press’s Guidelines for Journal Authors’ Rights.


The Journal of Political Economy editors are aware that the Journal has earned a reputation over the past several years for long turnaround times on decisions. The editors and staff have worked hard to get the backlog under control and to deliver faster results for all new submissions. We are pleased to report that considerable progress has been made.


From 2011 to 2012, the number of submissions without a decision at the six-month mark dropped from 44 percent to 17 percent, and at the nine-month mark, those numbers dropped from 24 percent to 5 percent. We are committed to keeping turnaround times under control in the future. Desk rejections usually should take no more than three weeks. Rejections and initial revise decisions should take less than six months in the large majority of cases. These are the goals to which the JPE editors aspire.


Authors, understandably, have grown frustrated with the long turnaround times, and junior faculty members, in particular, have suffered as a result of JPE delays. For that, we apologize. We realize that turnaround times are sometimes a factor when making the choice about where to first submit an article for publication. The JPE aims to make that consideration irrelevant. Moving forward, authors should submit their best papers to the JPE, confident in the knowledge that their work will undergo a timely, fair, and knowledgeable review.



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