Call for Proposals from ETHICS

As announced in August 2013, in the four issues of Volume 125, starting with Vol. 125, no. 1 in October, 2014, Ethics: An International Journal of Social, Political, and Legal Philosophy, will be celebrating its 125th anniversary by publishing a series of short retrospective essays, each looking back at a memorable—if perhaps unjustly forgotten—article from the journal’s past. Thanks to the generosity of the University of Chicago Press in expanding our page allotment for the anniversary year, Ethics will publish a small number of commissioned (and slightly longer) retrospective essays and up to ten additional submitted ones in each of the four issues of Volume 125. We hereby invite proposals for short (750-1,000-word) retrospective essays to appear in Vol. 125, no. 3, which will cover the journal’s second quarter century (Volumes 51-75). 


Beginning on Jan. 2, 2014, we will accept proposals for retrospective essays on articles that appeared in the third quarter-century of Ethics.  The editors are particularly eager to receive proposals to discuss essays that may not have been widely republished and that represent the diversity of authors and wide range of topics in the pages of Ethics.  A list of the articles on which essays have been commissioned is included below.


The editors have extended the deadline for submissions to February 10th, 2014.


Each proposal should be prepared for anonymous review and should set out, on a single page (and in 300 words or less):

  • which article you propose to write about;
  • why this article is of interest to us today;
  • why this article is deserving of having attention called to it; and
  • what angle you propose to take on the article.

To submit a proposal, please use the Editorial Manager system at, selecting, as the “article type,” 125th QC3. (This article type will be available starting Jan. 2nd.) Submitters will be informed by April 1st, 2014 whether their proposals were successful. Submitters of successful proposals will be asked to submit their essays, of between 750 and 1000 words, by June 1, 2014.

To facilitate browsing through the contents of our past issues, a searchable and re-orderable spreadsheet covering the first 100 years of articles in Ethics is available here.


Retrospective essays have been commissioned on the following articles from the journal’s second quarter-century:
Jan Narveson, "Pacifism: A Philosophical Analysis" (Vol. 75, no. 4)
R. B. Brandt, "Moral Valuation" (Vol. 56 no. 2)
Marjorie Grene, "Authenticity: An Existential Virtue" (Vol. 62 no.4)
F. A. Hayek, "Freedom, Reason, and Tradition" (Vol. 68, no. 4)