Chicago Journals e-Book Editions

The University of Chicago Press has been committed to upholding scholarship of the highest quality for more than 120 years. Over time, that commitment has taken many forms. The past decade has brought a sea change in journals scholarly publishing. Although we have transitioned swiftly from print to digital to online aggregators, the editorial process of thoughtfully compiling and releasing content collated into issues remains intact. We developed e-Book Editions of Chicago Journals to provide our readers with the convenience and speed of digital accessibility while simultaneously preserving the timeless integrity of the complete issue.


Our goal is to offer e-Book Editions of each of our journals, beginning with the first issue of 2013. Subscribers and members can download single issues for iPad, iPhone, Kindle, Android, or computer. If the journal to which you subscribe is listed below, the latest issue is available as an e-Book Edition. Click on the journal name and you will be taken to a page where you can download that journal’s e-Book Editions.

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