Gould Prize

American Journal of Sociology announces 2013 Gould Prize winner


The editors of the American Journal of Sociology announced last month that Aliya Saperstein and (Stanford University) and Andrew M. Penner (University of California, Irvine) are the recipients of the tenth annual Roger V. Gould Prize for the article " Racial Fluidity and Inequality in the United States." The prize is given annually to a recent AJS article that embodies the qualities typical of the work of the late Roger Gould—empirically rigorous, theoretically grounded, and lucidly written.

Saperstein is assistant professor at the Department of Sociology at Stanford University. Penner is assistant professor of sociology at the School of Social Sciences at University of California, Irvine. Both have previously published in AJS.

In honor of the award, the University of Chicago Press has temporarily lifted access control to the article “Racial Fluidity and Inequality in the United States.” All visitors to the University of Chicago Press web site will be able to read the full-text version of the award-winning scholarship.

The award, which included in a cash prize of $1,500 to each author, was formally presented at the AJS luncheon at the 108th annual meeting of the American Sociological Association, August 10-13, 2013.