KATE L. TURABIAN 8th Edition

A Manual for Writers

of Research Papers, Theses, and Dissertations

What's New in the Eighth Edition

The Manual has remained relevant for generations both by drawing on years of tradition and by evolving to respond to new sources for research. The technologies that today are part of everyday scholarly life would have been unimaginable to Kate Turabian, though the foundations of good research haven't changed since her day: do research carefully, present it clearly and accurately, and follow accepted academic standards for citation, style, and format. To best facilitate these goals, the new edition incorporates changes that include:

  • Updated coverage on finding and using digital sources
  • New examples for the two Chicago citation styles-notes-bibliography format, used widely in the humanities and most social sciences, and author-date format, used in many of the sciences and some social sciences
  • Alignment with the most recent Chicago Manual of Style, the sixteenth edition
  • Revised guidelines-vetted by dissertation officials nationwide-for formatting research papers, theses, and dissertations and preparing them for submission
  • An updated discipline-specific bibliography, organized by subject area, that lists current sources for research and style issues

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