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The Rules of Golf in Plain English

Jeffrey S. Kuhn and Bryan A. Garner


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“If most of us had a dollar for every time we resolved to read the USGA rulebook—and didn’t—we could have paid for this godsend from trial lawyer Jeffrey Kuhn and Black’s Law Dictionary editor-in-chief Bryan Garner ten times over. Recognizing obscure writing when they see it, the pair have taken on the Rules of Golf’s ‘sometimes wooden, legalistic and opaque’ style and translated it deftly, simplifying but not oversimplifying. It’s a good read unspoiled.”—GOLF WORLD


Now Updated with 2012 Rule Changes

Third Edition
By Jeffrey S. Kuhn and Bryan A. Garner

U.S. Publication date: May 1, 2012
U.K. Publication date: May 14, 2012
Paper $13.00/£8.50
ISBN: 978-0-226-45821-2

In The Rules of Golf in Plain English, first published in 2004, lawyers and avid golfers Jeffrey S. Kuhn and Bryan A. Garner translated the knotty Rules of Golf with the encouragement and permission of the United States Golf Association. The result was a modern, readable version of the Rules that offered clear guidance to both amateur and professional golfers.

Every four years the official Rules of Golf are revised, and the latest updates took effect early in 2012. This third edition of The Rules of Golf in Plain English incorporates all the rule changes made for the 2012 update. Timely, comprehensive, and small enough to fit into a golf bag, this new edition of The Rules of Golf will be appreciated by duffer and pro alike.

Jeffrey S. Kuhn is a lawyer and a volunteer USGA rules official. He has achieved the highest rating at PGA/USGA rules workshops and has officiated at US Opens, US Amateurs, and numerous other USGA championships. Bryan A. Garner is the author of several best-selling books, including Garner’s Modern American Usage and Legal Writing in Plain English, the latter published by the University of Chicago Press. He is also the editor-in-chief of Black’s Law Dictionary.

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