Joe Jackson


Subjects: Economics, business, and finance
Series: National Bureau of Economic Research, Markets and Governments in Economic History

Acquiring in economics, finance, and business, I seek out high-quality work on topics that have come to affect many people’s lives in recent years, like jobs, housing, immigration, education, financial crises, regulation, governance, and transparency. In addition to these areas, I am particularly interested in work that seeks to improve the fields of economics, finance, and business themselves. This includes work on uncertainty, irrationality, new models, bigger data, decision-making, happiness, and wellbeing. I am also enthusiastic about work that brings economic methods and tools, like econometrics and game theory, to other areas in the social sciences and elsewhere, as well as work that considers how other fields, like psychology, biology, and sociology, can inform economics, finance, and business.

Before Chicago, I worked on the economics and finance list at Oxford University Press, where my main areas of focus were public economics, economic history, and econometrics. Originally from Austin, Texas, I made my way here via Naples, Italy, and New York City. Now at a premier institution of the fields I acquire in, I am delighted to work closely with the best scholars and writers to ensure the Press matches the university's excellence and authority in these areas, and its reputation for rigorous, open discussion.

Ensuring this really happens is editorial associate Jillian Tsui.


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