Elizabeth Branch Dyson


E-mail: ebd@uchicago.edu
Subjects: Ethnomusicology; interdisciplinary philosophy; education
Series: Chicago Studies in Ethnomusicology; Big Issues in Music; History and Philosophy of Education


I acquire books for the Press in education, ethnomusicology and other music, and philosophy. After majoring in English literature and music at Yale, I taught middle school for three years before joining Chicago in 2000. I welcome books on education in a wide variety of areas—from early childhood education to higher ed and beyond—and for both scholarly and general audiences. Recent education books include Thea Renda Abu El-Haj's Unsettled Belonging: Educating Palestinian American Youth after 9/11, Deborah Downing Wilson's The Stone Soup Experiment: Why Cultural Boundaries Persist, The Secret Lives of Teachers by Anonymous, Roger H. Martin's Off to College: A Guide for Parents, and Akiko Hayashi and Joseph Tobin's Teaching Embodied: Cultural Practice in Japanese Preschools 
I am ably assisted by Editorial Associate Rachel Kelly.

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